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We help ensure gauges, engine lights and speedometers are accurate

Instrument cluster repair for all makes and models!

The most common instrument cluster failure sign is strange behavior from your indicator light such as flickering check engine lights, stuck gauge needles, and significantly dimmed indicator lights, to name a few. 

You can imagine instrument cluster failure can be dangerous if your car is not alerting you when fuel levels are low, coolant temperature or even your car’s speed.  

Our technicians will run diagnostics * to determine the problem and offer only the best and most honest recommendation.

We specialize on servicing Chevy and GM vehicles, but have the specialized equipment and expertise to repair most automotive brands. 

Common instrument cluster, speedometer and odometer repairs include:

  • Speedometer not working or showing wrong speed
  • Oil indicator/oil gauge not updating or showing wrong percentages / oil life
  • Gauges going blank or blanking
  • Driver information center won’t turn on or is blank
  • Speedometer reading wrong or double speed
  • Temp gauge / oil gauge / tachometer not working
  • Any any other issue you may have with your speedometer, odometer, gauges and instrument clusters!

Serving Madera, Fresno, Clovis, Sanger and surrounding areas!

All of our services come with a standard 4 month warranty. If there is a faulty replaced part or workmanship, we will fix it at absolutely no cost to you. Original receipt required.

Common Questions About Instrument Cluster and Gauge Repair

No it will not reset to zero, your mileage will still display correctly after repair.
We handle everything, from repair to installation and reprogramming into your vehicle.

Instrument cluster repairs typically don’t take longer than a week, but it all depends on what is wrong, the make/model and year of your vehicle. We can almost always get it repaired faster than a dealership.

Prices vary, but we are typically 50-60% cheaper than a dealership and our turnaround times are much faster.
  • Instrument Cluster has Dead or Sticky Gauges
  • Oil gauge giving wrong readings
  • Speedometer Gauge is pegging out
  • Temp gauge that works intermittently
  • Speedometer Gauge is not working at all
  • Tachometer has gone haywire
  • Speedometer reads about half or even double your actual speed…
  • Digital odometer display is dim, dark, intermittent or flickers off and on…
  • Digital PRNDL display is dim, dark, intermittent or flickers off and on…
  • All clusters blank at once
  • Gauges all die then come back on, sometimes due to cold temperatures…
  • Driver Information Center won’t come on, dim or dark
  • Any other gauge sticking, dead or just acting weird
  • Odometer displays ERROR (Silverado, Sierra, Avalanche, Yukon, Suburban, Escalade, Tahoe models)
  • Gauge cluster causing a battery drain
  • Language menu scrolls through the options by itself
  • Circuit board damaged from improper repair work
  • Odometer miles need reprogrammed / aren’t displaying correct number of miles



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